Discover Cocktail Supreme, the ultimate choice for your bar: Simple to Operate, Cost Saving

Connect from 16-30 different juices, purees and sprits to the machine. Scroll through the tablet to select your chosen cocktail, Press dispense, then simply shake, serve and garnish. Each Cocktail listed on the tablet can be edited to suit your business e.g. recipes, photos and garnish requirements. Connect remotely to your tablet to view your sales and stock levels - Experience unrivaled speed with dispensing in just 3 seconds, making it the most powerful system in the UK. - Expand effortlessly with the only system capable of connecting up to 30 products. - Unlock significant savings by connecting to your water feed, allowing for dilution of concentrated juices and purees. - Elevate your offerings with the ability to dispense sodas, perfect for crafting mocktails and spritz creations. - Maximize space efficiency by pythoning into your cellar, ideal for bars with limited space behind the bar. - Boost sales by up to 40% with the seamless and user-friendly experience, unlike traditional draft systems, enabling you to pour other drinks and engage with customers like never before.